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Have you found your sugar-free, low-carb go-to you can snack on? Most of us need a full awareness of the kind of food that’s good for us. If you’re developing the willpower to curb your sugar craving, then you may be convinced by the many benefits of eating sugar-free! Learn how sugar-free eating can benefit you, and how Drizzilicious makes a perfect choice. 

Why do we need to go sugar-free, though? 

This is because the benefits of going low carb and sugar-free are immense! We can start shedding light on what sugar does to us. When you prolong your intake of sugar, you’ll eventually develop several diseases such as mood disorders, obesity, diabetes, and others. I know that going sugar-free can be a huge struggle. Nonetheless, it’ll all be worth it! 

The benefits of going sugar-free

From lowering your risk of diseases to feeling a lot better about yourself, here are a few of the many benefits of truly going sugar-free:

1. Going sugar-free helps lower our risk in developing diseases

What enhances our risk in developing diseases is a compromised immune system. Unfortunately, sugar itself compromises our immune system, inhibiting the release of growth hormones as our body raises our insulin levels. Sugar can also interfere with our digestive system by weakening the function and disallowing the absorption of nutrients properly. You will see the result as bloating.

2. Have better control over your hunger and cravings

Repeated intake of sugar depletes our nutrient stores. These nutrient stores are important to help the body deal with diseases and inflammation. Water, protein, and healthful fat are needed by the body for overall function. When that’s depleted, then hunger develops, since a lack of nutrition often ensues binge-eating. So, having a sugar-free and balanced diet keeps nutrients in abundance and eliminates cravings.

3. Improve your energy and feel a lot better

The fact about sugar is having an excess slows you down. It raises your blood sugar levels once you take in a lot more than you need. Your body releases insulin, triggering a snowball effect on some hormones that don’t need triggering at all times. This means that your need for sleep can get enhanced, so you always feel ready for a nap instead of feeling energetic.

Loading up on any antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, water, and other nutrients can help fuel your brain and your body to feel active.  

 4. Going sugar-free helps manage and maintain your weight

Cutting back on sugar reduces your bloatedness and in turn, will lead to a significant weight loss! Going sugar-free through a low-carb and gluten-free diet gives you the energy to move about and exercise. Do know that excess sugar gets converted into excess fat, so the more you eat sugar, the more you gain the fat that your body doesn’t need. However, your body still needs fat, but only the good kind. With this, you choose to consume the good kind of fat such as omega-3 fatty acids.

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Discover a sugar-free and low-carb alternative!

It is amazing how some foods without refined sugar can still taste delicious! There is a list of sugar substitutes that can be used to regulate sweetness without the extra calories or ill effects of sugar. However, you have to choose the right alternatives to avoid side effects. Here's one healthy alternative you don't want to miss out on!

Drizzilicious as your go-to low-carb and gluten-free choice:

The gluten-free Drizzilicious crunchy bites available have been created as a clever approach to going sugar-free!  These low-carb, reinvented mini rice crisps are the snacks packed with just the right set of whole foods. You get a balanced snack with whole grains, chia seeds, flax, and quinoa drizzled with both goodness and deliciousness. Each natural ingredient has its own set of benefits that keep your body healthy and lower the risk of acquiring diseases that sugar could bring.  It hits the ideal combination of great taste and nature’s superfoods, at just 90 calories per serving (21 crisps). So, Drizzilicious is truly the ultimate snack you won’t feel bad about binging! Squeeze out just as much flavor and natural goodness through every tiny bit you snack on, as you taste a variety of Drizzled rice bits! This wholefood, gluten-free snack also comes with a variety of flavor and oomph that should suit your taste buds!  You’ve got more than a handful to choose from and try every day!  We understand that everyone has a different set of preferences, so Drizzilicious caters to consumers with different tastes but still getting the same benefits of living a sugar-free life! If you are gluten-intolerant, then the snack will also be a perfect option for you.  You can start your low-carb, sugar-free with us as you explore your options on gluten-free snacks here. Everything is in-stock for you, your family and friends. Together, you can now indulge in a healthy sugar-free alternative without feeling guilty afterward!