Primal Vegan Jerky –  Healthy High Protein Foods

Primal Spirit Foods vegan jerky varieties are great meat substitutes.

They can be enjoyed as healthy, low calorie snacks or high protein, low carb foods. Every flavour of this on the go high energy food brings with it a different delectable experience. 

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Primal Spirit Foods - “a little something to keep you going”.

Our range of vegan jerky flavours are all natural foods:
  • Vegan
  • High protein (10 grams)
  • Low fat
  • High energy
  • No preservatives
  • No cholesterol
  • Made with non GMO soybeans
Primal Spirit Foods is dedicated to offering environment-friendly, natural, healthy, high-quality and tasty meat alternatives. The company is constantly improving their product line based on the principle of integrity. From manufacturers to customers, Primal always prioritizes value and fair exchange. Primal Spirit was founded by people with a mutual interest in vegetarian food and lifestyle choices. During world travel, they often came across superior meat alternatives that they wanted to bring to their local market. It inspired them to produce a vegan jerky that had such great flavour and texture that it was completely satisfying to vegan, vegetarian and meat eaters.