Brooklyn Bites

Brooklyn Bites – Gluten Free Sweet Snacks

Brooklyn Bites was created by mother and daughter duo, Sara and Barbara who were both born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. They both share a mutual passion for baking and eating healthy, and have made it a mission to make their cookies the healthiest out there.

This inspired them to create the brand of Brooklyn Bites, and they use natural and unrefined ingredients which makes their treats delicious and healthier than the alternatives. Their goal is to be able to inspire families to have good health and encourage healthy but delicious snacks.

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Brooklyn Bites Thin Cookie Brittle

Dairy-free cookies

Dairy-free cookies are suitable for people who are allergic to milk. These snacks give you a chance to enjoy a milky-taste without risking an allergy reaction. The cookies are made with natural ingredients, including sweet raisins and toasted almonds, which make the cookies crunchy. You can enjoy the snacks without guilt since they are free of cholesterol, salts, fats, and other unnecessary food preservatives.

Chocolate Lovers Delight

If you love the chocolate taste, then you will enjoy the chocolate lover’s delight. This is a nutritious snack with a chocolate flavor. It does not contain any dairy products but has a creamy delicious taste of chocolate cookies. The cookies contain a rich chocolate flavor that is soy-free. All health concerns are addressed because cookies are all-natural and free of fats, salts, and cholesterol.

Coco Crispy Rice Cookies

If you enjoy rice crispies and cookies, then the Brooklyn Bites Coco Crispy Rice cookies are for you. These treats are great if you have any gluten intolerances or lactose intolerance. It’s important to note that these cookies have no preservatives, and it is suggested that you should eat these once you purchase them. 

Crunchy Creamy Pretzels

Pretzels are a fun treat to eat when you want snacks, but some companies that manufacture them use gluten. Brooklyn Bites produces the crunchy creamy pretzels cookies that are both delicious and do not contain any gluten. You can now enjoy cookies without the fear of triggering any health concerns.

Nutty Chocolate Sea Salt

One of the best flavors is a combination of salty and sweet. Brooklyn Bites emulates this in their Nutty Chocolate Sea Salt which is the perfect blend of sweet and salty. These cookies will scratch your cravings for sweet and savory food, while also making it a little nutty and crunchy.

Cinnamon Coffee Cake

There’s nothing quite like a cup of coffee with some cinnamon and rich chocolate cake. However, this combination is not something you can eat every day. Brooklyn Bites has a cookie that combines these three flavors, which is a great snack to eat while you work from home.

White Chocolate Brownies

While brownies are well known for their chocolate flavor, Brooklyn Bites provides a different flavor to a classic favorite. These are good with or without a glass of milk, and great if you are a fan of white chocolate treats.